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Top 10 Shocking/Surprising Anime Moments

*This article contains spoilers*

10.Death Note

The protagonist looses!

9.Attack on Titan

Eren becomes a titan

8.Dragon Ball Z

The first time Cell sucks the life out of someone with his tail.

7.Full Metal Alchemist (Not Brotherhood)

Edward Elrick is stuck in another version of earth with his father, in a world with no alchemy.

6.Tokyo Ghoul

The original owl is the manager of the coffee shop and his daughter is the new stronger owl.

5.Vampire Knight

Yuki was originally a royal pureblood vampire

4.Wolf's Reign

Everyone dies in the end!

3.One Piece

Sabo is alive.

2.Yu Yu Hakasho

Yususke Yurameshi becomes a demon.

1.Sailor Moon

Sailor moon fights in the nude with a sword!!



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