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Top 10 Youtube Violinists

10. John (Jtehanonymous)

YouTube Channel

I really wanted to put Jtehanonymous higher on the list but the others were just as good. In comparison with everyday violinists he would be much, much higher. I like that he really enjoys playing the violin. You can see it on his face when he plays especially when he hits just the right note. He plays anime, game, and cartoon music. You should really check out his videos. I've been watching for years.

9. String Player Gamer

YouTube Channel

String Player Gamer is another great talent. He not only plays the violin, but he sings and plays various other instruments. He's mega multi-talented. I first noticed him last year. He mostly does video game stuff. His content is very exciting and the production value is very nice. It seems like it would take forever to make one video based on the complexity of his content. He plays the violin very well, which is why he earned the number 9 spot. To see his video go to his YouTube channel. Subscribe to him while you are there.

8. Sefa Emre Ilikli

YouTube Channel

Sefa Emre Ilikli is a very talented violinist like many others here, which is why he earned the number 8 spot. My favorite video of his is the "Outer Senshi Theme". It's a song that I have played myself. It brings back fond memories of my childhood. His videos seem to be "artsy" It's an interesting approach. To see his videos go to his YouTube channel. Subscribe to him while you are there. Support him by liking his videos.

7. Ashanti Floyd (The Mad Violinist & SCO)

YouTube Channel

I haven't really seen much of The Mad Violinist's videos because I've watched his videos for less than a year, but what I did see was simply amazing. When he plays it's like he is one with his violin. The emotion he puts into his playing seems natural and expressive. Most of his music seems to be movie or hit song related. I hope everyone will go and see his videos. His YouTube video views and and subscriber numbers shows his popularity. If you like violin music you should subscribe to his channel.

6. Jun Curry Ahn

YouTube Channel

Jun Curry Ahn is really unique, His playing style is what you would expect from an experienced violinist and it's near perfect too. When I watch his videos it makes me feel like I'm watching a drama of some sort. This is mostly due to him covering pop songs and popular Korean music. The filming (video) style is the same as you would see in a high definition, high quality movie. Jun Curry Ahn can really engage his audience with his gestures and body language. He not only plays the violin, he dances, sings and does all sorts of things. Go and see his videos on his channel and join his sky rocketing number of subscribers.

5. Laura De Wit

YouTube Channel

Laura is super multi-talented! If this were a Top 10 piano list she would be in the top 3 if not number 1. Laura plays the piano, keyboard, (keyboard+guitar) and the violin. She is exceptional. I especially like that she does cosplay when performing. It's exciting. One of my favorites of hers is when she played the "power rangers theme song". I've been watching her videos on YouTube for years. Please go and check out her videos, subscribe to her channel and support her other projects and purchase her CDs and other merchandise.

4. IAmDSharp

YouTube Channel

IAmDsharp is another amazing violinist who makes high quality Youtube videos. He has the numbers to back his ability and popularity, but he really deserves more. He has done live performances as well. His speed and power is on par with even Lindsey Sterling I think. It's always interesting to see violinists that could play very well in the past, surpass their past self in the present. Then I'll look at myself, who has only played for 3 years. I'll ponder if I'll ever get that good. IAmDsharp = world class violinist. Please check out his work.

3. Ben Chan (BenChanViolin)

YouTube Channel

Yes, Ben Chan! His production value isn't so great on most of his Youtube videos, but he has so much talent. It's a modest talent that radiates. Ben teaches violin lessons, so you should also check that out. He plays anime and game music too! He makes playing the violin look easy. I think he deserves the number 3 spot.

2. Taylor Davis

YouTube Channel

Taylor Davis is everywhere. She makes original albums, but she also plays anime and video game music. She is sometimes seen with Laura De Wit on their collaborations. When I first noticed Taylor Davis on Youtube years ago (2 or 3 I think)She had some amateurish, but excellent videos of her playing the violin. Since then she has become the next big thing. Her newer videos are all very high in quality. She does tours, original albums and many other things so check her out!

1. Lindsey Stirling

YouTube Channel

Lindsey Stirling Transcends Youtube, but is well known on it at the same time. She deserves the number one spot. She is absolutely the most popular violinist on YouTube and other than the violinist of days past, she is "probably" the most famous in the world. Her fame and notoriety grew after her appearances on America's got talent. She just grew from there. Keep this in mind, even back then she was a great violinist. Her ability to dance and play the violin improved between then and now.

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