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Dremico's Logic Talk: Episode 1: Tom's Dilemma


Dremico's Logic Talk: Episode 1: Tom's Dilemma

Episode 1: Tom's Dilemma

Let's start off with an easy one. Tom a 5 foot 150 pound man went to a party with his girlfriend Susan, a 6 foot 180 pound woman. The couple walked in and greeted everyone. It was a house party. Tom was invited and he brought Susan. The party was going well until Tom and Susan had some sort of argument. Susan went storming off. Tom went after her going from room to room. Tom was later found by his friend. Tom was holding his stomach in pain. There was no sign of a struggle and no one else was near Tom.


What happened to Tom?

There is only one correct answer.

How close can you get to the one right answer?

Scroll down for the answer

The Answer

Tom was hit by Susan

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