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Dremico's Logic Talk: Episode 2: The Violin


Dremico's Logic Talk: Episode 2: The Violin

Episode 2: The Violin

Jason decided to purchase an instrument because he thought it would give him a better chance to impress the ladies. He thought about buying a piano, but he knew from an earlier experience that it just wasn't for him, so he decided on the safe choice, a violin. Jason figured that since people on social media outlets can get attention, then so could he. Jason lives in an old 1 bedroom apartment. He doesn’t have Air Conditioner, so he often opens his bedroom window for air circulation and sometimes to cool off. Every day after practicing his violin, Jason places his violin by the window. Jason is the type of person who tries to put things together without instructions, so it’s no surprise that his bowing technique is not so good. Jason is a self taught violinist.

After 3 months of practicing, Jason’s technique and ability improved. The Fall (Autumn) season was about to come to an end. One night after Jason had already went to bed, a freak snow storm took place. Jason was woken up by the icy cold touch of the snow. Jason’s bed, window, and violin case was covered with snow. Jason dusted off his violin case and bed sheets, then closed the window. He soon went back to sleep. The next morning the temperature had already went back to normal and the snow had already started to melt. Jason had breakfast and prepared to practice his violin. To his surprise, the violin strings were all unraveled and sprung except for the “E” string. Poor Jason was confused.


Why did the strings on Jason’s violin unravel?

There is only one correct answer.

How close can you get to the one right answer?

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The Answer

It was because of the cold weather. The drastic change in temperature caused the strings to unravel.

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