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Dremico's Logic Talk Situational Quickies

Episode 1: Eyeglass (glasses) shop

You see a small eyeglass shop on your way home. The outside of the shop is well designed and decorated. You look inside to see only a handful of glasses. The inside of the shop has a rustic look. All of the mirror frames are made from wood and look hand carved. There are three employees visible and no customers. You personally know the store's owner, but he doesn't talk about his shop and you have never been inside of the shop. The owner/manager isn't the type of person who makes mistakes. If he makes mistakes he corrects them immediately.

Which of the following is correct (logically the best answer) about the situation?

A. The owner sent too many employees to work that day.

B. The owner can't afford more than a handful of glasses.

C. The store will go out of business soon.

D. The glasses inside are probably very expensive.

While there can logically be more than one answer, there is only one answer for this question.

Scroll down for the answer

The answer is "D"

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