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Episode 2: The bottle and the flasher

Mike is a fun, but careful guy. He decided to go to a shady bar with his friend. When mike was alone a woman came up to him and started flirting. She had an open wine bottle with her. She asked Mike if he wanted to share it with her. He refused. She offered to "flash (show her bare chest)" for Mike if he accepted. Tempted by the offer, Mike ordered the same wine and asked the woman to share his drink.

What was mike worried about?

A. He was worried about the woman being dominant over him.

B. He was afraid that the drink was drugged.

C. He didn't like the taste of that type of wine.

D. Mike didn't want to see a woman's naked body.

While there can logically be more than one answer, there is only one answer for this question.

Scroll down for the answer

The answer is "B"

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