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Episode 4: The career and the cyclist

Joe is a first year teacher. Even though Joe has a job teaching in elementary school, he struggles to pay his bills every month. Joe rides his bicycle to work every day. Joe never gets lost on his way to work. Joe's house is only 3 miles away from his job, but it takes him more than an hour to reach his job's location. Joe always looks tired by the time he gets to work. From his house to the supermarket it is 2 miles. It only takes him 20 minutes to get there by bike. Joe grew tired of his situation. Poor Joe decided to leave his job the following year.

Question: What is most likely the reason Joe had trouble getting to work?

A. This distance between Joe's house and his job is 10 miles.

B. There are one or more steep hills that Joe simply can't climb while riding his bicycle.

C. Joe gets lost every day and can't find his way to work.

D. Joe has and expensive electric bicycle that can only be charged by the sun (solar powered).

While there can logically be more than one answer, there is only one answer for this question.
Scroll down for the answer

The answer is "B"

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