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Episode 5: Numbers and the paper cutter

Mimi used a paper cutter to cut a stack of paper. The papers in the stack of paper were the same size. Mimi made 4 cuts. The last strip of paper caused by the 4th cut was larger than the other strips. Mimi wanted to do this. It wasn't a mistake. There are 20 pieces of paper in the stack of papers.

Question: Which of the following is true (logically the best answer) about the situation?

A. All of the paper strips are the same size.

B. 1 piece of paper was cut into 100 of pieces.

C. Mimi made a mistake when she made the last cut to the stack of paper.

D. There are a total of 100 paper strips.

While there can logically be more than one answer, there is only one answer for this question.
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The answer is "D"

4 6

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