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Question 15: What's my job 2?"

I work with/ around dead people. I never have to work with a shovel, but I do have to work with complex machinery. The dead people that I work with can only move when I move them or when I apply electricity to them. I almost always work indoors. Sometimes my work includes gore. What's my job?

(A). zombie hunter

(B). grave digger

(C). embalmer

(D). funeral home manager

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The answer:



A zombie hunter? That sounds cool! That's not the answer though. That's close, but zombies move on their own accord so "zombie hunter" isn't the answer. Gravediggers typically have to work with shovels and work outside, however they do sometimes work with machinery. A funeral home manager works with dead bodies and works inside but he or she doesn't have to work with complex machinery. The answer is embalmer. Embalmers have a difficult job!

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