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Question 19: What is my house made out of?

If I hit my house as hard as I can with a thick wooden stick the stick would break. If I set my house on fire it won't burn. If I hit my house with a thick metal pole, the house won't be damaged at all and the metal pole will vibrate and ring out. What is my house is made out of?

(A). straw

(B). bricks and mortar

(C). wood

(D). metal

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The answer:



If the house were made out of straw, the thick stick typically wouldn't break if you struck it. If the house was set on fire, straw and wood would burn. In some cases brick-and-mortar would burn too. If you hit the house with a metal pole and your house is made from bricks then there would be some damaged even if it's just a little. Metal vibrates metal (though not restricted to metal only). The answer is "D" metal.

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