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Question 2: Carpenter's tools

Which of the following would a carpenter find the most useful? Why/Why not?

(A). a blow torch

(B). hedge clippers

(C). a calculator

(D). a circular saw

Scroll down for the answer

The answer:



A carpenter is mainly the brick layer of carpentry. Blow torches are mainly used by plumbers. Hedge clippers are mostly a Gardner's tool. Try cutting wood with something like that. A calculator can be very useful to a carpenter. It is especially useful when buying materials, but it's not necessary, especially in everyday carpentry. Carpenters typically work with fractions. We now come to the correct choice, which is the circular saw. How do we build homes so fast? It's because of the circular saw. It's very necessary. Try cutting hundreds of pieces of wood with a hand saw or a jig saw!

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