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Question 20: What's my job 3?

I work around books magazines and encyclopedias all day. People come to me for information. I can be found all throughout the city I can even be found in schools. Sometimes I have events for holidays. What's my job?

(A). a reporter for a local newspaper organization

(B). a librarian

(C). a doctor

(D). an astronaut

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The answer:



It's true that a reporter can work around books, magazines, and encyclopedias. People come to them or rely on them for information. Sometimes they can be found in classes (rarely) but reporters don't hold job related special events. Sorry "a reporter" is the wrong answer. Doctors don't work in school nurses do. Astronauts? No. No way!! I've never seen an astronaut work in a school either. They might visit a school. The answer is "a librarian". The librarian fits the description perfectly.

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