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Question 22: What's my superpower 1?

I can climb a 3374 meter mountain, in almost an instant. I only have one superpower. I can't lift heavy objects. Cheetahs are faster than me when I run, but not when I'm not running. If someone were to give me a present in a paper box I wouldn't know what was inside without opening it.

What's my super power?

(A). Super speed

(B). X-ray vision

(C). Super flight

(D). Super strength

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The answer:



The answer is of course super flight. X-ray vision is eliminated because in the example, the person couldn't see inside the present. It's not super strength because the person in the example can't lift heavy objects. It could have been super speed. With super speed it's possible to climb a tall mountain in an instant but the person in the example is slower than a cheetah when running. That rules super speed out. There is only one choice left. Super flight!

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