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Question 25: What's my job 4?

I typically work with children. I sometimes scare them but that's not my goal or intention. I usually wear colorful costumes. My only goal is to make children laugh. There are many of us that work this type of job.

What's my job?

(A). Santa Claus

(B). a clown

(C). a teaacher

(D). the Boogieman

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The answer:



Santa Claus, clowns and teachers all work with (not against) children. The boogieman is eliminated. Teachers and clowns can sometimes be scary (in rare cases Santa Clause). Teachers, Santa Claus and clowns can possibly wear colorful costumes, teaches less than the other two and Santa Claus typically wears only red white and black. Teacher are eliminated here because it states that the only goal of this person is to make the children laugh. The job of a teacher is to educate and guide. Children may laugh and be happy, but that's not the "only" goal of a teacher. By the process of elimination that leaves only clowns and Santa Claus. Finally Santa Claus is eliminated because it states that "There are many of us that work this type of job" There is only one (true) Santa Claus. The answer is B "a clown".

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