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Question 28: "___________" is as logicals 3

"___________" Is as clear (lack of color) as pure water.

(A). Stained-glass

(B). Stainless steel

(C). Air

(D). Storm clouds

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The answer:



This one is probably quite easy. I'll explain the answer. When we talk about lack of color I don't mean black or white (extremes of color). Black and white are colors themselves. People think of the color white as being colorless, but factually it's also a color. Colorless means just that, no color (invisible). What is as clear as pure water "H2o"? In it's purest stage H2o is colorless. Stained glass, storm clouds and stainless steel aren't colorless, so the answer is simply "Air". Air can be felt, much like water, but can't be seen, which is also like water. The answer is "C" Air.

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