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Question 3: Religious possessions

Which of the following would an atheist most likely not have in his or her home? Why/Why not?

(A). an embedded shrine for dead loved ones

(B). a copy of the holy bible

(C). a copy of the Koran

(D). Admission tickets to a debate between theist and atheists.

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The answer:



An atheist would never have a need for a religious Shrine for a dead loved one because he or she wouldn't pray to a god that he or she doesn't believe in. An atheist would however, have religious books in his or her home. This is because atheists are challenged all of the time for their non-belief, so they study religious texts like the bible and the Koran to refute pushy believers. Academic atheists, in general, have a greater understanding of religious history than your every day Joe. Atheist would absolutely have tickets to a religious debate. Who wouldn't want to Richard Dawkins and the like go to town with logic.

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