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Question 30: What's My Job 5?

People come to me when they want something sweet. I sometimes wear a big hat. I'm especially useful for children's birthdays and weddings. I don't sing dance or entertain.

What's my job?

(A). a clown

(B). a boxer

(C). a baker

(D). a retail store manager

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The answer:



The first hint, "People come to me when they want something sweet", rules out a boxer automatically. The second hint, "I sometimes wear big hats", rule out the retail store manager. Well, I can imagine a retail store manager from Texas wearing a big hat at work, but other than that, not really. The answer is either a clown or a baker. Both give out sweets and both wear big hats. Both are also very useful at weddings or birthday parties. The last hint separates the two. "I don't sing, dance or entertain". This only leaves one choice. The answer is "C" a baker.

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