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Question 43: What's My super power 3

I'm a crime fighter. When I fight crimes I become fearless. My enemies are afraid of me because they can't find my weakness. Even though I'm similar in speed, strength and abilities as ordinary humans I'm as tough as nails.

What's my super power?

(A). Invunrability

(B). Lying

(C). Super confidence

(D). Lazer vision

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The answer:



Is the answer "B" lying? Well that's debatable. The person could be lying but it's very doubtful. All of the clues line up with logic, so it's safe to say that this person is not lying. This person does seem confident, but there are other choices that line up with the clues more logically. There are no clues to suggest lazer vision. That leaves up with "A" Invunrability.

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