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Question 47: Best Decision "Bug repellant"

Which product would you choose if you went hiking 5 miles up a mountain on a very cloudy day?

It is mid summer and the insects are out and about. (Choose the best answer)

(A). A skin cream especially made (and proven) to keep mosquitoes, bees, ticks and other harmful insects away.

(B). An SPF 15 cream that was found to have properties that kill bugs (pests)

(C). A skin cream that makes your skin smooth and protects you from ticks.

(D). A bottle of honey

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The answer:



Let's start with the obvious. Honey would most likely attract insects and other unwanted attention. It does not block against dangerous sun rays. Even though sunrays can sill affect you on very cloudy days the effects are greatly lessened. A separate SPF cream would be better in this situation. This particular cream was found to have "properties" that kill insects. It's not reliable enough to use as an insect repellent or insecticide. This rules out choice "D" and "B".

Lastly choice "C" is ruled out because it is illogical. You are going hiking and not to a beauty pageant. If you want smooth skin, that can be supplemented with separate cream. This cream kills ticks. This is good, but there are scarier and more annoying insects other than ticks on a mountain. The best and most logical choice is "A" In my many experiences hiking up mountains, I can tell you that on cloudy days it will get cold the higher you get and there will be millions of insects floating about. The sun rays will be the least of your problem, however the higher you go the more the rays will affect you. On a very cloudy day in the morning or afternoon the rays of the sun won't affect you much if it's for a short time (5 miles up and 5 miles back). The insects however, will sense your presence and follow you around, invade your skin, and bite you repeatedly. You may not even have time to sit down and rest because of it.

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