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Question 49: Contagious

Mary, a forth grader, was recently diagnosed with the chicken pox virus. Her parents wanted to find the source of the infection. The parents themselves don't have the chicken pox and haven't had it since they were children. Mary and her parents haven't traveled out of town in months. What is the next step for Mary's parents?

They want to find the source of Mary's chicken pox

(A). Check Mary's cousin who lives in another country.

(B). Check Mary's classmates and teacher.

(C). Check the dishes she used at her public school yesterday.

(D). Check under Mary's bed for chicken pox monsters

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The answer:



If you are looking for chicken pox monsters you won't find anything. Looking for germs on the food dishes is a good idea if the dishes were not washed and sterilized everyday. Mary's cousin clearly lives out of state and Mary and her family has not travel out of town in months. The perfect place to look is at the school where most of the germs children pick up come from. The most logical answer is "B".

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