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Question 5: cooling down

Which of the following would be the worst choice if you wanted to cool down on a hot summer's day? Why/Why not?

(A). ice cream

(B). ice water

(C). a bowl of freshly made ramen

(D). a wool blanket

Scroll down for the answer

The answer:



Ice cream would be a great choice to help you cool down. It's also very delicious. Ice water is very refreshing. It will get the job done as well. How about a wool blanket? Yes even a wool blanket can help you cool down. Let me explain. When its really sunny and hot, what's your natural reaction? It's to get away from the sun right? A wool blanket can be used as a tarp to shield you from the sun. The answer to the question is "C" a freshly made bowl of ramen (noodles). Why? It's because freshly made ramen is always served hot!

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