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Question 51: Deductive Logic

What do these numbers represent "01032016"

(A). a set of credit card numbers

(B). the number of people on earth

(C). the number of leaves on a large tree

(D). a specific date

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The answer:



This one isn't too difficult. Right off you can eliminate two of the choices; "B" and "C". This set of numbers could represent the number of leaves on a large tree if the number "0" wasn't first. There could be "0" leaves on a tree or even "0.1" leaves on a tree, but not "01032016". The same goes for the number of people on the planet earth. First off there are billions of people living on earth and secondly this set of numbers starts off with a "0". That only leaves us with choices "A" and "D". The numbers could possibly be a set of credit card numbers, but as most of us with a credit card know, there are "typically" 16 numbers. This set of numbers are 8 in total. This is not the norm. The most logical answer is "D" a specific date (January 3, 2016).

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