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Question 52: What's my superpower 4

You don't look intimidating, but bad guys fear you. You can literarily knock enemies off of their feet without touching them. Your power also works on non-living things. You can't make things float around or float yourself around.

What super power do you have?

(A). ESP

(B). telekinesis

(C). super sonic scream

(D). a big metal body

Scroll down for the answer

The answer:



The answer is ESP. Typically people with ESP can read people's mind or notice living entities around them, but this power does not wok on non-living things. The answer isn't telekinesis. People with this power can either move things around with their mind, move themselves around or both. In the paragraph it states that you don't look intimidating, but a big metal person is very intimidating. The only logical answer is "C" super sonic scream. It works in all of the examples given.

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