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Question 53: What's wrong?

Tony's stomach hurts. Tommy can't go to the doctor because his parents are poor. Tommy isn't infected with any parasites. Tommy is a nice boy and no one would ever hurt him. Sometimes Tommy has to skip meals. Tommy is also very careful about what he ingests (consumes).

What is most likely the situation Tommy faces?

(A). Tommy was punched in the stomach

(B). Tommy drank some poison liquid

(C). Tommy has an alien growing inside of him

(D). Tommy is very hungry

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The answer:



Tommy wasn't punched because no one would hurt him. Even bullies like him. Tommy would take one sip of liquid before drinking it to test it. He wouldn't drink anymore if it were poisoned. As ridiculous as it sounds Tommy could have an alien inside of him except for the fact that he isn't infected with any parasites. Tommy's parents are poor and he's very hungry.

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