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Question 54: What you know 2

Which of the following numbers better represents the number of healthy, fully matured apples grown on a healthy, well-kept, five-year-old apple tree during the growing season?

(A). 10 apples

(B). 10,000 apples

(C). 1 million apples

(D). 50 apples

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The answer:



It would be quite easy for a five year old apple tree can produce 10 apples. This number isn't an accurate estimation of the tree's full potential. Even a 20 year old tree couldn't produce 10,000 fully grown apples in a growing season, so a five year old tree can't either. 10,000 apples isn't the correct answer either. It will be impossible for an apple tree of any age to produce 1 million apples during the growing season. The correct answer is "D" 50 apples.

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