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Question 55: The true statement

Which of the following statement is absolutely true?

Information: It's Michael's birthday today. Michael is 25 years old. He used to draw comic art but now he doesn't.

Which of the following is true?

(A). Michael used to draw comic art when he was young.

(B). At a young age Michael drew comic art.

(C). Michael drew comic art before he turned 25 years old.

(D). Michael was an old man when he drew comic art.

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The answer:



While answers A, B and C are all similar, only one answer is an absolute. This is mainly because how old or young someone is, is generally relative to an opinion. Some people may think that a 5 year old is young and some people may think that a 24 year old is not so young. The same theory can be used for answer "D". From a child's perspective a 24 year old can be young or old. Saying young or old to describe someone is not an absolute. The only absolute here is "C" ("Michael Drew comic art before he turned 25 years old"). In this example we are using numbers and time which are set and non negotiable.

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