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Question 57: Math logic 1

Look at this fraction


Which of the following would make this fraction's value smaller?

(A). Changing the 10 to a 12

(B). Reducing the length and width of the fractions dimensions

(C). Changing the 1 to 10

(D). Removing the 0 from the 10

Scroll down for the answer

The answer:



The answer is "A". Changing the 10 to a 12 will make the value smaller. The value 1/10 or 10% becomes (about) 8.44% when changed to 1/12. Reducing the length and width of the fraction just makes it harder to see. Removing the "0" from the "10" makes the percentage 1/1 or 100%. As with the previous example, changing the 1 to a 10 will make the fraction 10/10 or 100%.

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