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Question 6: Worst bath ingredients

Which of the following would be the worst choice for a 1 hour soak/bath?

(A). Epsom salt

(B). Milk and honey

(C). Rose petal bath

(D). Ice water bath

Scroll down for the answer

The answer:



Epsom salt has many helpful qualities when applied with hot water. Milk and honey can make your skin soft, but it can also give you an infection if you don't clean yourself afterwards. Rose petal baths are more aesthetic than anything else. It's romantic, which can be beneficial to both parties. Now we come to the answer, the ice water bath. It's the worst choice for a one hour soak. What happens if you soak in a tub filled with ice water? It will most likely result in your death! Your heart could stop or you could get extreme hypothermia.

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