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Anime Logic

"I share my observations about the logic used in anime

1. An average high school student can hop into a giant robot and pilot it without any prior knowledge or the controls. - Captain Earth

2. You can punch someone in the stomach and have your fist stretch through their body, through their spinal cord and they survive. - Dragon Ball Z

3. Extreme heat can melt the ground below you, the buildings 15 - 30 feet away, and the clothes of everyone in the coliseum 10 - 20 feet away from you, but it wont burn the (regular) clothes from the thing or person wearing the clothes and it won't burn the skin of the people in the coliseum. - Fairy Tail Episode 101

4. Characters who can't open their eyes, or keep their eyes shut are usually very wise or strong - Hunter x Hunter, Pokemon, etc...

5. Characters with dark skin, have white hair. - Tenchi Muyo, Naruto Shipuden, Ah, My Goddess, etc...

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