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Hunter X Hunter (2011)

First Impressions

This anime is great so far. The characters all seem familiar because of the animation style. The tall guy looks like Bash the Stampede. The blond haired child looks like a generic blond haired anime child. The main character reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho in color scheme but he has a really nice personality and he seems really straight forward. The character development in just the first episode was amazing. I learned everything about the characters in such a short time. The characters have their own personalities that they stick to for the entirety of the episode. You have the pervert who wants money and respect. You have the Sasuke character who is quiet, smart and angry all of the time. you have the carefree son of a hunter/fisherman who will most likely use a fishing pole as his weapon during the series. The fishing line seems to be special too. All of the supporting characters seem to be vibrant and expressive as well. The animation is good, but not great. The Lack of shadows and highlights are obvious. I hope that every episode will be just as great as this one. The writers have really outdone themselves. As far as the manga is concerned. I don't know if it's being followed or not since I've never read it. This anime may be a remake. I'm not sure, but I do remember seeing this character when I was a lot younger.

Mid-series review

I'm a bit past halfway in the series now. The ride so far has been very interesting. There is really just too much to talk about. I want to make it a bit short though. The animation improved or I underestimated what the artists could do just from watching the first episode. In certain scenes the face shadows seem a bit empty, but over all the animation is great. Now let's talk about the characters. I was right about Gon's character. He is honest and straight forward. There wasn't anything special about his fishing rod, but it is pretty strong. He kind of stopped using it mid series. Killa/Killua is a pun on the word killer. Killa is an assassin who wants to have a friend. He ends up being best friends with Gon. Killa is stronger than Gon, but Gon has the most potential for being the best. The main characters are Gon, Killa, Kurapika and Leorio, but Gon is the main, main character. Kurapika wants to avenge his tribe against the Phantom Troupe for stealing their special eyes (Saskue lol). Later in the season the characters develop this strange power called nin. In the flashbacks it shows that some of the characters already knew how to use some forms of nin. For a short Kurapika becomes the stronger of the 4 characters. Leorio was depicted as a pervert in the opening song in the first season, but it turns out that he is a somewhat respectable person who wants to become a doctor. He is crude and shifty too. He helps the team out through his wits and gambling skills. He isn't a fighter like the rest of them. Actually Kurapika isn't really a fighter either, he is more of a strategist who can fight well. Gon and killa are the main fighters. This really reminds me of Yu Yu Hakasho. I found out that the artist who drew the art for this anime, is the same artist for the Yu Yu Hakasho anime. In personality or character roles, Gon is Yuske. Killa is Hie. Kuripika is Kurama. Leorio is Kuabara (more or less). A number of new enemies show up. They all have crazy abilities and powers. The main characters go through all types of training to make themselves stronger. The enemy (Antagonists) that sticks out the most is Hisoka. Hisoka is such a pervert and he dresses like a clown or jester. He gets sexually excited when he notices certain people with great power or potential; this is regardless of their age. Naturally Gon fits this description. At one point Hisoka stands full frontal nude in front of Gon, Killa and Bisky. Regardless of of all of this, Hisoka becomes an Antagonists (anti-hero) mid season. He even helps the main characters out a few times during their trials at the beginning and middle of the series. Hisoka does not fit the traditional hero vs villain description. The story arks are all fun. It's the basic train, get stronger and fight formula with a few twists and turns here and there.

Final Thoughts (end of series)

Now we come to the end of the series. It was a nice run full of strange phenomenon, super powers and hidden messages. Over all this was a great anime. I would give it a 9 out of 10 9/10. By the end of the series the villains became really bad. They were killing people left and right. Killa has a wish granting sister that can grant any wish, but it comes with a price. Gon found his dad and was able to spend some time with him, but we only saw this interaction for about 2 episodes. Some supporting characters were killed. I wouldn't mind watching a second season of this anime. I look forward to drawing some fan art of this series in the future.


*Interesting characters

*Non of the story arks are boring

*The character's powers reached Dragon ball (Z) levels


*I wanted to see Leorio do some fighting

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