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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

First Impressions

So right off the bat the opening song does not get me going like the previous two series. It's really slow and mellow. The art seems a bit different than in the first two seasons. It seems less computerized or it just has less quality. Transformations are just as great as ever and the sailor scouts / guardians have new abilities. The series is released every week and not bi-weekly. This series introduces sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. From what I heard Sailor Moon Crystal follows the manga more closely. I'm a viewer of the original Sailor Moon series. In that series Sailor Neptune and Uranus were lesbian lovers, but in this series Sailor Uranus is male!!! I would love to see how they explain this. Either Uranus is pretending to be a male or HE is cross dressing. He also has a woman's face. The whole thing is confusing. I was never a fan of this situation in the old series and I'm especially not a fan of how they did it in the new series. I would rather they be lesbian lovers than having Uranus cross dress. Mini moon is back as Chibi Usa. They seem to have forgotten that she is supposed to be older than she looks like stated in the second season, but now her personality seems to be like that of a child. It would be more believable if her demeanor was like that of Connan from the Detective Connan series. The new enemies seem as "cookie cutter" as ever. Like in the original, the sailor scouts, mainly Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon will get power ups and new costumes as implied in the opening. Overall I like the direction of the Anime.

Mid-series review

I'm a little bit past mid series at this point. It's good as an anime and it has great nostalgia for me because it resembles the old series. There are new characters and the enemies are different. The enemies are witches treated like and RPG video game characters. The levels of the witches range from level 80 or so to level 999. The higher the level the more powerful the witch and the stronger the attacks are. I was able to see super sailor moon. The thing that I don't like is that her demeanor does not change after she transforms. It's not realistic. It was like that in the old series too. When people power up and become more powerful they usually show it in their demeanor or body language. Sailor Moon looks as timid and as unsure as ever. The answer about Haruka (Salor Uranus) was answered. It's stated that she is both male and female, but it's obvious that she is a female, with a female face and female parts. The explanation, from what I can tell is that she governs over the gender planet. This seems added in. If she is lesbian that's fine. It's more believable. Maybe they are trying to appeal to the millennial and newer generation they are obsessed with gender and sex. I hope to see the part that I liked the most about this ark. That is when either Sailor Moon or Sailor Saturn when into pharaoh 90 and fought it. In the old anime you could hear weapon sounds and groans. It was epic. I didn't quite understand it but I knew that the battle was on a whole different level than before.

Final Thoughts (end of series)

I can't believe it. The last episode was really good. It brought all events of the season together. There were, of course, some unnecessary things that happened that ate up the time, but that's common. Sailor Pluto "fought" Master Pharaoh 90, but it was uninteresting. I found it interesting that the sailor scouts got another power up. They first got a power up when the moon chalice was first used then another one just in the last episode. I think that this power up is for the next season. This brings me to wonder if Sailor Moon powered up again. She did turn into queen serenity after all. Is it like a Super Sayian 2? When I was younger I do remember a Sailor Moon S and a Sailor Moon SS. My thoughts about the silver millennium crystal is that it's all powerful and that Sailor Moon's lack of imagination is the only limiting factor. The next season with Pegasus should be really good.


*Colorful animation

*imaginative powers

*No fillers


*Cross dressing Uranus

*Sailor Moon is as goofy and useless as ever (and lack of logic)

*Lack of usefulness of Tuxedo Mask

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